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Why is Royal Neighbors a suitable Final Expense carrier?

Royal Neighbors has many products. Still, in this article, I will only focus on their final expense product, a simplified life insurance product that starts at a face amount of 7,000 to 30,000 for those aged 50 to age 80. Simplified issue life insurance can be a good choice for individuals with health problems or weight issues because there are only nine health questions, and height and weight are not a part of the application. However, when you fit into one or more of these scenarios, it can be tricky to qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance.  

Once approved for final expense coverage via phone or e-app, you would qualify for immediate membership benefits. Once a member, you will receive discounts when shopping, legal, hearing aids, MRI and CT scans, TeleHealth, vision, prescription, dental, and hearing. Royal Neighbors of America also offers scholarships to a member and their families.

The Member Relief Fund is a member benefit we hope you never have to use. This fund provides financial assistance to qualifying members who experience major illnesses or property damage due to natural disasters.

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