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Franklin Life and Annuity (FLAA) Insurance is an easy and reasonable way to provide for your loved ones and achieve a peace of mind about their financial security. We offer family and life policies that can be tailored to your specific requirements and financial situation. We also offer burial service plans and critical illness plans as well as fixed index annuities.

Each of our clients has different and distinct financial requirements, and we design our insurance plans accordingly. Our company’s founder has been working in the field for over 20 years. His knowledge of insurance matters guarantees that Houston, Texas residents have access to the finest coverage.

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Our Goal

As an independent life insurance firm, it is our duty to find the most suitable insurance policies for each of our clients. That involves being clear about your situation and dedicated to finding an affordable policy that meets your needs.

Moreover, building trust with our customers is crucial if we want them to have faith in us and our abilities to safeguard their homes, assets, and loved ones.

As much as we value our customers, we also have an obligation to support the insurance industry as a whole. It is our responsibility to dispel insurance myths and inform consumers about the value of proper coverage. This way, we can ensure that consumers have confidence in the insurance industry.

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