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Final Expense Insurance in South Carolina

Franklin Life & Annuity Is The Best Provider Of Life Insurance In South Carolina

Since our organization is owned and controlled by a single family, we are free to conduct ourselves in a way unlike any other life insurance provider in South Carolina. Due to these principles, we’ve become the industry standard in life insurance coverage across the country.

To guarantee that our clients are always addressed with the utmost care and respect, we have worked hand in hand with the most reputable names in the life insurance and final expense industries from the very beginning. Our representatives are not like the others; they put customer well-being ahead of making a quick buck by upselling unneeded services.

Our experts regularly inform families about the funeral services available in their area and the prices of burial and life insurance in South Carolina. Helping individuals in their communities prepare for their demise is meaningful work, and the professionals at Franklin Life & Annuity take pride in that.

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Final Expense Insurance



Why Is Final Expense Important In South Carolina?

Due to low premiums, modest death benefits, and primary focus on covering burial expenses, final expense life insurance is especially popular among the elderly. Term life insurance, the most common form of traditional life insurance, is bought largely to compensate for lost income after the death of a loved one.

These policies are particularly crucial in the beginning of our lives as a family while we are earning, paying rent or mortgage, completing automobile or student loan payments, and raising children.

Typical insurance plans are obsolete once we’ve reached retirement age, finished paying the mortgage, and sent the last of the children off to college. What we need, instead, is a plan for covering our funeral costs and other final obligations.

Those of us who have lost a loved one know how difficult it is to deal with our emotions while also meeting our financial and practical responsibilities following a death in the family. We can’t bear to think that our partner or kids will have to go through what we have.

Losing someone is already hard to process, and when families also have to deal with final expense costs, it just adds to their difficulties. For this reason, Franklin Life & Annuity is committed to providing comprehensive final expense insurance at affordable rates in South Carolina. We understand how stressful such times are, and we want to ensure no one has to go through this.

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