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What Should You Know About Purchasing Funeral and Final Expense Insurance for Older Adults in 2023


Regardless of how old you are, losing a parent is a terrible and painful process. The thought of your parents passing away may be the worst nightmare you’ve ever had. If you’re grieving a loss, the added stress of planning and paying for a funeral service isn’t something you need.

Buying your parents a burial insurance policy is a thoughtful gesture that will allow you to focus on your grief without worrying about their financial security. If you want to provide your parents with a proper funeral after they pass away, burial insurance is something you should look into.

Although it may be uncomfortable, it is important to plan for your parents’ funeral expenses by purchasing burial insurance. As the cost of a funeral continues to rise every year, the financial burden of a parent’s death becomes more and more imminent. On that note, let’s take a detailed look into buying burial insurance for parents.

How To Get Burial Insurance For Parents In Houston?

If you’re like most people, you probably solely consider yourself while looking into obtaining life insurance. One of the main reasons people buy burial insurance is to ease the financial burden they leave behind for their loved ones should they pass away.

To keep your children safe, you must also keep yourself safe, especially from unanticipated costs. When a parent passes away, their children are sometimes left to deal with their medical costs and other final expenses, such as those associated with hospice care.

Plus, there are astronomical funeral costs that must be covered. That’s why getting burial insurance for your parents is highly important, and here’s how you can get it:

1. Identify How Much Coverage Is Required

Based on the type of funeral service chosen, the average price can easily reach $9,000. It’s possible that other expenses, including transporting the body, holding a visitation, and purchasing a headstone or a burial plot, won’t be covered by this budget.

Finding the correct funeral services and budgeting for them can be made easier by comparing prices and services offered by multiple funeral homes in your area. Last but not least, include any outstanding debt or funeral costs your family may incur as a result of your passing. Then, you’ll be able to determine the appropriate amount of burial insurance to purchase.

2. Look For A Policy That Fits The Bill

There are a variety of final expense insurance plans to choose from today. You should examine the policy’s offerings carefully before committing to one to ensure that it fully addresses your concerns. Don’t assume that a policy with a lower monthly premium is also the best option for your parents just because it costs less overall.

3. Decide Who Will Pay For The Premiums

You will likely need your parents’ approval before purchasing coverage on their behalf. Their signature on the insurance application serves as their consent. A medical examination may also be necessary under certain circumstances. You need proof of “insurable interest” before you can buy final expense insurance on someone else’s behalf.

Anyone whose financial well-being might be adversely affected by the insured’s death has an insurable interest. Some insurance providers also need applicants to submit to a medical exam or declaration of health status before they can provide a policy. The level of coverage, among other things, may affect such needs.

Some insurance providers, especially those with smaller coverage, will waive the medical exam requirement altogether. These policies are typically granted based on the applicant’s responses to a series of health-related questions.


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