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Can You Still Get Life Insurance If You Have Been Denied?

A life insurance policy can make a huge difference when it’s needed, but considering that it’s a lot of money, it’s not so easy to get one. Many people get denied after multiple applications, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.

Why Life Insurance Applications Get Denied

For each application they receive, life insurance companies assess the family history, age, health, occupation, and hobbies to determine the risk and, in turn, the premium you have to pay. Every company has a different policy and metrics to calculate the risks attached to each client. Essentially, one company could reject you for having a particular condition, while another would more than easily accept your application while still providing great rates.

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These are some of the most common reasons life insurance companies reject applications: 

Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses can have a long-term effect on you, and if you’re suffering from one during the application phase, the insurer could likely reject your application. It’s recommended that you work with a doctor on a statement to ensure that your illness can be treated, increasing application acceptance chances.

Lying or Withholding Information on the Application

Your insurance company provides you with an extensive application and various questions to identify various problems that could occur for you and assess your case. If you lie or hold back on any information in the application, the insurance companies can either outright cancel the policy or raise the premium rates.


Because of some hobbies, you can be considered a high-risk client. While most companies don’t reject clients who smoke, have a history of alcoholism, or engage in high-risk activities and hobbies like skydiving, they generally put higher premiums for such customers.


Most insurance companies don’t outright reject older people from applying for life insurance policies. But the older you are, the more limited policies available to you. Similarly, the premiums also tend to get more expensive as you grow older.

How to Get Coverage After You’ve Been Denied Life Insurance

Got denied coverage but still want to acquire life insurance? You can. Here’s what you need to do:

Get an Insurance Agent’s Help

A reliable life insurance company’s job is to help their client find the relevant life insurance that they’re looking for. They work with various insurers, allowing them access to a wealthy bank of information that you can leverage. If you haven’t had any luck trying to get insured on your own, it’s recommended that you acquire the services of a professional.

They’re especially resourceful for individuals that are high-risk and have a more difficult time finding the best life insurance for their needs.

Try A Different Insurer or Policy

Some insurers are more lenient than others. Instead of dropping the idea of being fixated on just one insurer, try another reliable life insurance company. Similarly, you can opt for a different insurance policy. A smaller life insurance policy is better than not having any.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

A simplified issue life insurance can easily be acquired by an online application. It doesn’t require you to go through a medical exam, but you do have to fill out some answers regarding your health. To sweeten the deal, you can obtain fast coverage, and the instance has a high approval rate.

The coverage limit isn’t the best, and the policy can often be more expensive than traditional insurance options.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

A guaranteed issue life insurance program allows you to skip the medical questionnaire as well as the exam. Anyone applying for it is guaranteed to receive coverage. But due to the higher number of applications, it can take some time until your beneficiaries receive the insurance payout. Unfortunately, this payout time can take up to several years.

Apply Later

As previously stated, health conditions, habits, and some records can be detrimental to your application chances. It’s recommended that you take time to work on these aspects and remedy them. Insurers are bound to focus on these improvements and provide you with life insurance options.

Work with Us

Our life insurance agency simplifies the process of finding a reliable life insurance policy that works right for you. Get in touch with us at Franklin Life & Annuity today. We focus on educating our clients and helping them find the best policies with the most coverage possible. If you need life insurance for the entire family or require final expense insurance, our services can cater to your needs.

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