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5 High-Risk Jobs That Can Make Getting Life Insurance Tough


It’s important to remember that insurance firms regularly assess risk when providing coverage to their clients as one of the fundamental life insurance principles. To evaluate whether or not you qualify for life insurance coverage, they will calculate your premiums based on several factors.

An individual’s life insurance premiums can be increased if they work in a high-risk industry, much like those of people with hazardous hobbies or poor health records. However, not all life insurance providers see jobs with a high risk of injury or death in the same manner, and various providers may assign different values to the same occupation.

Some businesses may offer reduced premiums if you demonstrate that you do not engage in high-risk activities. In contrast, others may let you choose between multiple plans to compensate for the risk involved in your chosen profession.

High-Risk Jobs

On that note, let’s look at some high-risk jobs that make it difficult to get life insurance coverage.

1. Fishing Industry

Due to the dangers of working on the open sea and coming into contact with dangerous marine life, fishing is often included among the most dangerous occupations in the world. As a result of their occupation, fish farming and processing workers can be subjected to increased insurance costs.

However, some jobs in the fishing business are considered low danger while others are considered high risk. The following are examples of criteria considered by life insurance agencies:

  • Employment, whether onshore or at sea
  • Type of boat and its dimensions
  • Job for hire or self-employed
  • The species of fish one typically works with
  • Distance to the fish

2. Loggers

The various safety concerns that loggers face frequently place the industry at the top of the list of the world’s deadliest jobs. They must spend time far above the forest floor in dangerously swaying trees to do their jobs. Further, hospitals are not always easily accessible from the forest, making it more challenging to get medical care in an emergency.

Life insurance agencies charge more for coverage in high-risk zones. Depending on your position in the logging business and your daily duties, you may be susceptible to higher insurance premiums due to your occupation.


3. Pilots

Pilots, whether employed privately or professionally, are considered high-risk employees. Pilots are considered high-risk employees, whether they fly for a career or as a hobby. However, this does not imply that every pilot is exposed to the same dangers.

Anyone operating an aircraft, whether a hang glider or a blimp, is classified as a pilot and subject to scrutiny. The following details will also be necessary for life insurance providers to consider:

  • Which kind of instrument rating does one possess as a pilot?
  • How many hours does one fly each year?
  • Which countries do you fly into and out of?

4. Extraction Workers

People employed in the extraction industry can be found in a wide variety of fields, many of which have something to do with retrieving the planet’s natural resources. Extraction done on land and sea are both included in this. Common examples of people employed in the extraction industry are:

  • Oil rig workers
  • Employed on a Platform
  • Construction demolition
  • Miners

Getting life insurance as a specialist in these or related fields that require the extraction or cleanup of natural resources might be difficult but not impossible.

5. Emergency Service Workers

Employees of emergency services regularly put their lives on the line to safeguard the public. The term “emergency services personnel” is used to describe a wide range of workers, such as:

  • EMTs
  • Law enforcers
  • Firefighters
  • 911 operators
  • Bomb squad

Generally speaking, jobs that don’t require you to operate on the field are safer options than those that do. As a result, life insurance applications for 911 operators rarely incur any major implications. However, due to the inherent dangers of their jobs, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and bomb squad members are typically viewed as significantly higher risk.

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